Motorola Droid already a Sales Success?

By Sindre Lia, 16 November 2009

An unofficial report suggests that the Motorola Droid sold like hot cakes during its first week in

Verizon Wireless stores.

Om Malik at Gigaom has an interesting story on the Motorola Droid launch, suggesting that Verizon

Wireless sold 250,000 units of the Android 2.0 smartphone during the first week. If accurate, that

basically means the Motorola Droid is already a sales success for Verizon Wireless.

According to Gigaom, Motorola predicts that it’ll sell approximately 1 million units by the end of 2009.

Based on the number above, it regardless looks like Motorola will remember Q4 2009 for a long time,

and we assume Europe will give the Motorola Milestone a warm welcome too.

Recent worldwide sales numbers from Gartner shows that HTC sold approximately 2.6 million

smartphones through its own brand name in the third quarter of 2009, up from 1.6 million in Q3 2008.

We assume the introduction of the HTC Hero has been the key to the success, a phone that was last

week released as the HTC Droid Eris on Verizon Wireless.

We’ll probably have to wait quite a while for the accurate sales numbers of the Motorola Droid and

other Q4 releases to be announced, but based on the HTC Hero’s success so far, the Android camp can

only be satisfied with the current outlook.

Nokia N95 8GB83%$450Unlocked
Apple iPhone 3GS83%$200AT&T
Sprint Hero81%$100Sprint
Motorola Droid81%$200Verizon Wireless
HTC Droid Eris81%$100Verizon Wireless
HTC HD279%$800Unlocked
Samsung Moment78%$100Sprint
Apple iPhone 3G78%$100AT&T
RIM BlackBerry77%$200Verizon Wireless
HTC Touch Pro277%$350T-Mobile
Sprint Tour77%$200Sprint
HTC Imagio77%$200Verizon Wireless
HTC Tilt 277%$300AT&T
RIM BlackBerry77%$180Verizon Wireless
RIM BlackBerry77%$200AT&T, T-Mobile
Nokia E7577%$380Unlocked
Nokia E71x76%$100AT&T Wireless
Sprint Touch Pro76%$350Sprint
Verizon Wireless76%$200Verizon Wireless
Motorola Cliq76%$200T-Mobile
Samsung Intrepid76%$150Sprint
Nokia N9775%$650Unlocked
RIM BlackBerry75%$200T-Mobile
RIM BlackBerry74%$200Sprint
T-Mobile G174%$180T-Mobile

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